The Greek veternan athletic association is now independent from SEGAS, but it still needs its approval for the relase of Athletic fields (stadiums, etc.) whenever required by the veteran association to organise various sporting events.
The Greek Veteran Athletic Association/Federation (GVAA)(till 2016), PA.SY.DAS (2016-2018) and GVAA/O.E.B.A.S (from the start of 2019) supports men and women athletes aged from 30 to 90+.
The association is based in Athens, and is affiliated with SEGAS (union of all Greek Athletic clubs), which administers open athletics and all the T&F sites.

The purpose of the association/federation is to support all Veteran athletes by providing the knowledge and expertise in staging and managing veteran athletic events in T&F. Competions are held in 5year age groups, starting from 30 years of age. However at world level competion commences from age 35.

The article that follows below is a short history for athletics in Greece which can be found in the SEGAS webpage  ( ).
SEGAS has always played leading role in both national and international sports, since it was the first Federation ever founded (1897) and has had, for many decades, under it?s wings almost all the sports (football, basket ball, volley ball, swimming, tennis, fencing, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, riding, shooting, judo etc). Later on, separate federations have been created for each of these sports. Literally speaking, we could say that SEGAS had "organised" our sports and it?s executives were inspired and visionary pionners, aiming to the promotion of the Olympic idea and the Hellenic civilization. The foundation of the federation came as a desire for a better organisation of sports in our country.
At the time of proclamation of independence, efforts have been made for a more systematic "teaching" of sports on schools. Long before the carrying out of the first Olympiads of modern era in Athens, 4 called "Zappies" Olympiads were already held, revealing the preoccupation for a better preparation of the athletes and organisation of the games. The revival and the successful carrying out in Athens of the 1st Olympic Games of the Modern Era, resulted to the increasing number of athletes, the organisation of regional competitions and the creation of new clubs (37 at that time). The first movement towards the foundation of a federation was made in Patra on February 20th 1895, when "Panahaikos" Athletic club called in a meeting the delegates of the following clubs: "GE Patra", "Panellinios AC", "Ethnikos GC" and "Panetolikos" to discuss the carrying out of preliminary competitions in view of the 1st Olympic Games in Athens.
After that meeting, the delegates of the above mentioned clubs, signed a document expressing the desire of all the Hellenic clubs for a better communication and understanding between them. The issue of the foundation of the federation has arisen again in Patra, on the occasion of the "Panahaiki" Games, successfully organised on May 19-21 1896. Many distinguished delegates were present such as the President and the Secretary general of the "Panellinios" Athletic club, Mr. Spyros Lambrou and Mr Spyros Antonopoulos.
The "Panellinios" Athletic club, worked hard and invited by virtue of a circular letter (dated 11-15/01/1897) all the clubs to a Congress, aiming to the foundation of the Association. In fact on January 11, 1897 (at 2p.m.) 28 clubs have been accredited. The registration act for the foundation of SEGAS was signed in the historic hall "Parnassos" on January 12-15 1897. SEGAS has framed since then the organisational plans for the development of athletics in Greece, constantly offering opportunities to the young athletes.
The first match ever organised between national teams (the Balkan Games), has been established in 1928 while in 1934 SEGAS has sent out the official invitation for the 1st Mediterranean Games (which didn?t take place in the end). In 1935, SEGAS has been awarded the Olympic trophy of the International Olympic Committee, for it?s meritorious services in Sports, for the promotion of the Olympic Idea, for the organisation of national and international competitions and for being the founder of the Balkan as well as of the Mediterranean Games. Needless to say that this was not the only distinction for our federation, who has also been awarded plaques of merit by many institutions such as the IOC, the IAAF, Academies as well as Prime Ministers, Presidents of the Republic etc.
Many major International Competitions were organised by our Federation and held in our country, being at the same time real "points of reference" in the world of athletics: 6th World Championships "Athens '97", the 1969 and 1982 European Championships, the 1995 European Indoor, the 1896 World junior Championships, the 1990 IAAF Grand Prix Final, the 1991 Mediterranean Games, the 1994 World Relay Championships, the 1995 World Marathon Cup, many Balkan Games, European Cups "Bruno Zauli" etc.
SEGAS will continue to offer it?s services in the World Athletics Movement and thus, contributing to civilisation and Peace.