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Posted by Tony Morphis (tony) on 01/07/2014

Balkan GAMES 2014 - Varna -- news flash

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Dear friends,

I am very sorry to inform you that we shall not be able to carry out BAVACS (the Balkan Veteran Athletic Championships) 2014 in Varna, as we planned.
The terrible natural disasters and the floods, which overtook Bulgaria in the last days, caused huge damages to our country, and affected to the greatest extent namely the city of Varna and its suburbs/ neighbouring settlements. Due to the high number of victims, a National mourning period of several days was announced.
The stadiums and the sport facilities, which were specified for conducting BAVACS, were also damaged by the torrential rains and the consequent floods. Probably you follow the news from Bulgaria, so you know that thousands of families lost their homes,and people are threatened by epidemic diseases and other health problems. So, it is understandable that solving these problems is the main concern of the Municipality of Varna at the present moment. And we could not expect and rely on priority activities for restoration of the sports facilities.

In this regard, I notify you, as soon as possible, that it will be extremely difficult for us to deal with the organization of BAVACS in such hard times.

Once again, please accept my sincere regret that we shall not be able to welcome the Balkan veteran athletic family in Varna, for which we were preparing with great desire.

I really hope that you will find another option for hosting BAVACS 2014.
Photos and videos from the disaster in Varna can be seen here:
This should give you a good idea what happened there.

Аспарухово Варна 19-06-2014

 As far as I know, Greece and/or Romania are ready for this?

 I will be grateful if you inform me about a possible solution regarding this issue.

With best wishes

Zdravka Yordanova

President of the Bulgarian Masters Federation


Dear Zdravka, 

I sent all my best regards to Bulgarians people.
 I hope you all get well in a short while, and no more disasters in the future.
I'm willing to meet you on better days.
Best regards.
Adv. Aycan Kurtcan 
1st Vice President of BAVA

Dear Zdravka ,
we are so  sorry for Varna, but i could understand the situation in Bulgaria and the region.
I hope that BAVA  office in Athens will answer as soon as possible and find solution to organise the Games in 2014.
I wish Varna nad people fomr Varna  fast recovery from disaster,
Best wishes and best regards,
Ivan Puksar, gen. secretary of CVAA and

2nd Vice president of BAVA

Dear Ivan,

Thank you for the understanding and the prompt reaction.

I hope that you, Georgios, BAVA, and the other Balkan colleagues will take a proper decision as soon as possible, so that the new host has enough time to prepare and organize BAVACS 2014.

Photos and videos from the disaster in Varna can be seen here:

This should give you a good idea what happened there




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